Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shoe and Shoe Box

I finally made the "shoe" cake...for my daughter! :D
And these are my first roses.

50th Birthday

My sister's 50th birthday. I wanted to surprise her a "shoe" cake but didn't have the time. Surprised her with this instead and she absolutely loved it!  :)
What she wore matched the cake perfectly!

Toy Story - Rex!

My first time making a dinosaur, let alone Rex popping out of the cake! Spent so much time doing research and figuring out how I could do it and I did it! Hooray!
I'm really happy with Rex's pearly-white teeth!

Poolside Party!

The birthday girl has curly hair and whenever she sees a picture of a girl with curly hair, it's her! So Cute! Her mum sent me pictures of the invitation card which showed her in her striped swimsuit, leaning against a red slide, and the birthday sign was taken from the party gift bags. Yes, she recognized herself! :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Angry Birds Cupcakes


My sister's friend loves butter cake, and so does her daughter. She ordered 50 butter cupcakes for her daughter's kindergarten farewell party. I managed to persuade her to take a mix of butter and chocolate cupcakes as my chocolate cake is very popular. When she got home she tried the chocolate cupcake and texted me that it was so delicious she regretted not ordering a box just for her family! :)))

Baby Girl's "Full Moon"

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sheriff's Badge

This client ordered a butter cake for a friend they call their "Penghulu". We discussed the design and came up with this, a sheriff's badge! :)

Phineas and Ferb!

This client ordered chocolate cake and cupcakes with edible images for her daughter's friends and a butter cake for family and friends. Jack made the 3-D Phineas and Ferb which really impressed my client and her husband, and I made the 2-D characters. As usual, great job, Jack! And my client isn't the only one who thinks he should specialize in cake decorating! :)

Snoopy Cupcakes

I made the heads and Jack made the bodies and accessories...what detail!

Cars and Angry Birds Cupcakes

This client ordered Cars cupcakes for her son to celebrate at school and Angry Birds cupcakes for 3 family members' birthdays.


Jack's school-mate, Joee, is a "fan" of mine and had been waiting for this day to order something from me. I baked and iced the cake but it was Jack who made the characters for it. She'd been thinking a whole lot about what she wanted and decided on Chocobo! Jack loves Chocobo too. Years ago when he was very interested in origami he created a couple of versions of it. I forgot to take photos of the cake and Joee was kind enough to forward us her photos. Thanks, Joee!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Update on cupcake designs. Some of the designs were requests by clients. I make only 1 flavour per box. Some of the samples have 2 flavours because my clients ordered more than 1 box.

Halloween Cupcakes!

My son and his colleagues had a Halloween party last Saturday. His girlfriend ordered 50 cupcakes (mix of butter and chocolate flavours). This was my first ever order for Halloween and I was pretty excited. But I was terribly busy so my wonderful assistant stepped in and did the most fantastic job! He made the eyeballs, weapons (his passion), tombstones and spiders!