Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Season

Holiday Season

These two cakes were for my sisters' church function.  The first one is a four-layered red velvet cake with cream cheese topping.  The second one is a butter cake with buttercream topping.

My son's office had a Christmas party where his girlfriend was one of the organizers.  Purple was the theme (her favourite colour) and she ordered 50 butter cupcakes to match!

Made these for a couple of friends :)

Year-end Babies
This client ordered ocean-theme cupcakes for her friend who is a diver.

This was for a 3-year-old's birthday.  It's a 2kg moist chocolate cake covered with fondant.

These were for a client's son's first birthday.  The Mickey Mouse picture was printed with edible ink on sugar paper.  The cake was for a family celebration and the cupcakes were for her colleagues!  They were presented in individual containers.

This was for a regular client's son's birthday.  These are his favourite dinosaurs and his mummy emailed me the picture which I got my supplier to print on sugar paper.  She only orders my moist chocolate cake which she calls their "all time favourite"  :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got the idea from the "kolam". Painstakingly dotted the design which took a really long time and made my fingers stiff!  But well worth it coz I really like the way it turned out  :)
  This client ordered 50 butter cupcakes and 50 chocolate cupcakes for Deepavali.  She asked for some ideas and the first thing that came to mind was bright colours. I showed her some samples and to my surprise she wanted pastel colours. These were her choice of colours and designs...lovely!

 A colleague ordered these for a relative's wedding.  The theme was purple, yellow, and white.
 These were a side order. I used the same designs but changed the colours which really made a difference  :)

 A friend ordered this 2kg chocolate cake for her parent's 48th wedding anniversary. Isn't it just so romantic?  Purple and yellow was the theme...they seem to be the "in" colours.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hari Raya
It's been a while since my last update (3 months!).  Hadn't any interesting orders to show.  There was one order for Hari Raya but October is a good month :)

This was a 1.5kg cheese cake with cheese topping and
sugar paste flowers.

This client wanted a 1.5kg moist chocolate cake with a little girl figurine for her 7 year old god-daughter. But 3 days before delivery date she changed her order because her god-daughter wanted a Barbie cake! This was my first Barbie cake and I frantically called my supplier for the special cake tin and a pretty Barbie to go with it.  To get the proper height 2.5kg of cake was required and I had to specially make the box to fit the cake.  Good thing I kept some large cardboard from Ikea!  ;)

At the moment we have 3 cats, Peggy, Ebony and Manja, and a kitten, Pikachu (which I am trying to find a home for).  The first one we saved is called Peggy.  My son, Russell, loved her very much when she was little and spent a lot of time playing with her.  As she grew up she became very "proud" and doesn't quite like us to stroke her.  But she'll come to us for some attention when she's in the mood!  She's dark brown with tiger-like stripes and white feet, with a small white patch on her nose. I've only managed to make her a plain dark brown with white toes and a little white patch on her nose.  No one knew it was supposed to be her but...oh well!

One of my regular clients ordered these cupcakes for a karaoke lunch.

 Some college students ordered these cupcakes for a gathering for
Pei Yi who was going overseas to study.

My nephew ordered this half kg moist chocolate cake for a church friend who plays the keyboard. 

My son, Jack, is a die-hard Paramore fan!  I wanted to make a Night Fury (How to Train Your Dragon) cake for his birthday coz he just adores Night Fury but we ended up with Paramore instead!  I was pretty busy with the keyboard cake and work, so after preparing the yellow wings for the butterfly I called Jack from office and asked him to fill in the pattern with an artline pen (coz Jack's very artistic).  
This is the fantastic result!

Humpty Dumpty
This little 3 year-old is into nursery rhymes and her mummy said Humpty Dumpty is probably her favourite.  "Probably" because every time you ask her, she mentions a different rhyme!  My nephew was around when I was planning the design and he suggested I use a real egg.  He wasn't serious but I thought it was a great idea! Of course I emptied the egg and used just the shell  ;)

Church Celebration
The church my sisters attend had a little celebration in appreciation of their pastors.  I used buttercream to pipe their logo on sugar paste.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes

One year ago I made the birthday boy a Darth Vader cake.  
This year it's Kakashi!


Cat Theme

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Family Affair

Hayley's 8th Birthday
Hayley loves Spongebob!
That's Hayley with her little sister, Erin, who wasn't allowed to blow out the candles!

Caitlin's 7th Birthday
Caitlin's favourite characters from her favourite cartoon, Chowder
Sweet Caitlin!

Erin's 4th Birthday
Erin absolutely adores Jessie of Toy Story so her mum requested for a figure of Jessie as the cake topper.  Honestly, I didn't know if I could do it and suggested a figure of Erin holding her favourite toy, Tini. Mum wasn't too happy. At the end we didn't have either designs, as you can see from the pictures, but Erin was totally "blown away" with the cake, and so was everyone else (thank God)!
By the way, this was my first fondant covered cake.
A very happy Erin! 

Father's Day
Making a figure of my dad was a real challenge. I had to use things that were characteristic of him or it wouldn't be him! Didn't know whether to dress him in his favourite outfit (green shirt, dark grey pants and orange shoes) or singlet and sarong, and he had to have his sleeked back hair, large glasses and "tongkat". After much thought I decided on his favourite outfit.
Nothing could have made me happier that night than when he arrived in his favourite outfit!
Dad, surrounded by four of his six lovely daughters! ;)