Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shoe and Shoe Box

I finally made the "shoe" cake...for my daughter! :D
And these are my first roses.

50th Birthday

My sister's 50th birthday. I wanted to surprise her a "shoe" cake but didn't have the time. Surprised her with this instead and she absolutely loved it!  :)
What she wore matched the cake perfectly!

Toy Story - Rex!

My first time making a dinosaur, let alone Rex popping out of the cake! Spent so much time doing research and figuring out how I could do it and I did it! Hooray!
I'm really happy with Rex's pearly-white teeth!

Poolside Party!

The birthday girl has curly hair and whenever she sees a picture of a girl with curly hair, it's her! So Cute! Her mum sent me pictures of the invitation card which showed her in her striped swimsuit, leaning against a red slide, and the birthday sign was taken from the party gift bags. Yes, she recognized herself! :)