Friday, January 29, 2010

It's time to add some more pictures.


Made this years ago when Jack was little. He loved Spongebob then, and he's found his love again! Downloaded every episode and sometimes makes me watch a couple of episodes before bedtime!
He pointed out to me that I forgot Spongebob's belt...oops!

 Made this last year for Christina's son, a Star Wars fan.

Looks familiar?  I added the picture of the cake in an earlier post.  
Erin's mum found this picture with the real Tini  ;)


Friday, January 22, 2010

Halal Cakes

Some people have asked if my cakes and cookies are halal.

The good news is they definitely are!

I have separate sieves, bowls and utensils for different ingredients and everything is cleaned with my baking-only sponge (which has never been used on non-Halal equipment). I'm very meticulous about this sort of thing in general and have also talked to a few Muslim friends to make sure that everything follows the rules.

Chinese New Year Tidbits

Everyone loves Chinese New Year just for the sheer amount of munchies there are to be eaten. It's as if CNY is the one time you can stuff your face and no one will judge you (cos their mouths are full).

If you haven't noticed, there are a few additions to the blog sidebar.
  1. Cakes price list
  2. Cookies price list 

Cookies Price List (RM)

All cookies come in regular jars except for honey joys which come in large jars. Will post photos later to show you the scale.

chocolate chip - 22
cornflakes - 22
oats - 22
cereal & coconut - 22
hazelnut - 25
honey joys (cornflakes in a papercup) - 30

If you've never had Honey Joys, they're a mixture of cornflakes, almond nips, honey, butter scooped out in little papercups. My family loves them, and they're always first to go during CNY. I guess that's testament to how good they are ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hayley, Caitlin, Erin

These are cakes I'd made for my darling nieces, Hayley, Caitlin, and Erin.

This first one is with characters from Richard Scarry's children's storybooks. My kids used to love these books too.

Hayley asked for a butterfly cake. She was into butterflies then.

This was when every kid was crazy about NEMO.

Caitlin really loved the Maisy books. For a change I drew and laminated characters and animals from the storybooks and stuck them onto a "farm". I really liked this one.

Caitlin had started ballet classes so I decided to dress this moist chocolate cake (her favourite) with a sugar paste ballerina. I normally use buttercream to dress my cakes, sometimes with some sugar paste flowers. This was the first time I used sugar paste to such an extent. Was so worried her arms and legs would break. They didn't :D

Last year I asked Caitlin what cake she would like. Of course she wanted a chocolate cake...with a happy face! Now, how was I going to put a happy face on her cake? Asked my boys for help and my youngest one, Jack, thought of a "smiley". I cut out a circle from yellow sugar paste and Jack helped me with the eyes and mouth. He's very artistic and did a really good job! Thanks, Jack xxx

This was for Erin's first birthday. Chocolate again because her sisters just love it! The flowers are buttercream and the name and bumble bees are sugar paste.

Just had to show you a different angle of the cake so you could see the bumble bees "flying". Can you see the bees smiling? :)

Made this last July. Erin's favourite doll, Tini, which she carries everywhere with her.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Remember what I said about colours making a difference?

Same design, different colours, huge difference! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas cupcakes and more

Decided to show you some of the cupcakes I've made.

Ok, these butter cupcakes I made for a friend last Christmas. She ordered 11 boxes of 16 cupcakes to give away and also another box of 25 cupcakes for her office!

She's been very, very supportive (thanks, Christina).

These were for a 10-year old boy's birthday.

These were for Christina's office.

These were for my brother-in-law's client (thanks, Jeff). Chocolate cupcakes with yummy, sticky cocoa topping and white chocolate desgins.

Anniversary cupcakes

This is a similar design to my first post. Last December a friend ordered 25 butter cupcakes with the letterings "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PUP AND TERRI", for her friend's anniversary (obviously). I thought it would look pretty dull so I suggested this same design with a different colour theme. My friend chose pink, Terri's favourite colour. I think it turned out quite nicely, don't you?
Colour makes all the difference.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eda's wedding cupcakes

This is one of my favourites, like the contrasting colours. Butter cupcakes with buttercream topping. Made these last November for a friend's "hantaran". I'm in Subang Jaya and she was in Kelantan! We were worried the buttercream wouldn't stay in shape through the long journey. She got her sister and brother-in-law to collect the cupcakes two days before the ceremony. She'd ordered another two boxes of butter cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes. I asked her brother-in-law to put the box of "hantaran" under the other two boxes in the front seat so that it would be protected from the heat. But he insisted they would be better off in the boot! Your guess is as good as mine. Halfway through the journey he checked on the cakes and the buttercream had melted so badly you couldn't see the design! Thank goodness the other box of butter cupcakes were of the same design and my friend could replace the melted ones with these. So, it was a pretty good ending :)