Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to Us!

 My dad's and my birthday fall on the same date. How cool! Two days earlier I decided to make a Snoopy cake (I just love Snoopy, he's the coolest dog ever!). But I was busy with an order and didn't have much time to plan. Had to think really fast, with measurements, proportion, how much cake to make, which tins to use, and the sugarpaste figures to make!!! Another sleepless night! Thank goodness for my assistant who helped make Snoopy and Woodstock. Great job, Jack!
This was a 1kg layered moist chocolate cake (base) and 1kg layered butter cake (roof).

 Some people had a little fun with poor dismembered Snoopy!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Birthdays

 This client wanted a carrot walnut cake with a lucky clover for her sister's birthday but changed the order to a tiramisu. But due to the unavailability of mascarpone cheese I suggested red velvet which they loved! As usual Jack helped me with the lucky clover :)  
This is an 8-inch square which costs RM80. A 9-inch round one would cost the same.

 This client wanted a simple moist chocolate cake with buttercream for her 11-year old nephew who is fascinated with the weather. Knowing what I know, I couldn't help but make something a little special. Hope he liked it.

Golf-theme chocolate cupcakes was the order. My client really liked the design but sad to say, due to our climate the golf sticks went really soft and bent over :(

Angry Birds

My first ever full-scale fondant covered, two-tiered character cake and I'm really happy with it! My 9-year old niece, Hayley, saw the video of the playable Angry Birds cake and said she wanted one exactly like it... fat chance! Then she changed her mind and wanted a Mario Brothers cake (roll eyes)! I'm glad to report that she loved this cake and so did her parents who are Angry Birds fans! This was a 2kg moist chocolate cake (base) and 0.5kg butter cake (hill).

Here's Jack, my consultant cum assistant, working on the base for the birds and pigs.

 My sister's friend ordered a 1kg chocolate cake with her son's favourite bird.