Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got the idea from the "kolam". Painstakingly dotted the design which took a really long time and made my fingers stiff!  But well worth it coz I really like the way it turned out  :)
  This client ordered 50 butter cupcakes and 50 chocolate cupcakes for Deepavali.  She asked for some ideas and the first thing that came to mind was bright colours. I showed her some samples and to my surprise she wanted pastel colours. These were her choice of colours and designs...lovely!

 A colleague ordered these for a relative's wedding.  The theme was purple, yellow, and white.
 These were a side order. I used the same designs but changed the colours which really made a difference  :)

 A friend ordered this 2kg chocolate cake for her parent's 48th wedding anniversary. Isn't it just so romantic?  Purple and yellow was the theme...they seem to be the "in" colours.