Monday, February 28, 2011


 My nephew ordered these 3 boxes of butter cupcakes for 3 of his "girlfriends" who are musicians.

Ben10 Again...

 This 6-year old birthday boy sure knows what he wants!  They'd ordered this alien called Big Chill and when his mum sent me the picture I told them I'd get an image printed but the birthday boy insisted that the image be in buttercream! Luckily for him my supplier's printer was out of order so I had to manually draw the creature with buttercream :D

 My colleague's sister ordered 25 butter cupcakes and a 1kg butter cake for her son's birthday celebration at school. She asked for Ben10 colour scheme (no image) but my colleague decided to surprise them with a proper Ben10 cake  :)

First Birthdays

 This very sweet client's son was turning one and she wasn't quite sure what she wanted. By the time she decided on a 3-D bumble bee cake it was too late for me to prepare it so she settled for something simpler. 

This design was given by my client. The bird and elephant, made of sugarpaste, were an important part of the design. Must have a special intimate significance ;)