Friday, September 30, 2011


This client's girlfriend is a Snoopy fan (just like me!). This was for her 21st birthday. It turned out quite nicely but I'd forgotten about where to place the candles! On collection day I'd asked him to bring someone along to make sure the cake doesn't topple over (the house is narrow and Snoopy's heavy). He couldn't find anyone and came alone. As he was putting the cake down in his car we heard it topple!

This is what it looked like after I lifted it up. Snoopy's left ear dropped off too! But thank goodness he and Woodstock were fine.

This accident actually turned out for the better coz I managed to save it and add the candles. Good thing my client lives in SS18 Subang Jaya. After I repaired it, I delivered it to his house with Jack's help, and off he and his friends went to Malacca where the party was being held! I made them promise to drive slowly and they and the cake arrived safely after more than 3 hours!!! :)

Barney and Friends

My first time making Barney's friends and they turned out quite nicely. Best of all, my client was thrilled! She doesn't like fondant and requested for a buttercream cake so I placed Barney and friends on a piece of fondant, to keep their bums clean! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tennis Balls!

My client and her friends ordered 125 cupcakes for the official opening of their tennis coach's sports store.

For Football Fans!

Hello Kitty

2kg moist chocolate cake

This was a 1kg moist chocolate cake for the birthday girl's classmates to enjoy. Her mother also ordered the penguin cake to celebrate with the family :)
Just as with the penguin cake, I made a simple fondant holder for the candles. The thought of sticking candles into the penguin's and kitty's head wasn't very nice.

Upin & Ipin

I texted my client to bring someone along to hold the cake. He came alone....on a motorbike! And he had to ride all the way back to PJ! Thank goodness the cake made it except for a letter which moved out of place but they managed to put it back.
 I'd only watched one episode recently and the one thing I thought very cute was that they wore "slippers"!

1st Birthday with Elmo

I was very happy with the finished product but the weather has been so humid that by the next morning when I delivered the cake to my client Elmo's hand had dropped from him mouth! I really couldn't do anything about it but I'm glad to report that everyone loved the cake! Phew!


This was a 2kg moist chocolate cake.