Monday, October 31, 2011


Update on cupcake designs. Some of the designs were requests by clients. I make only 1 flavour per box. Some of the samples have 2 flavours because my clients ordered more than 1 box.

Halloween Cupcakes!

My son and his colleagues had a Halloween party last Saturday. His girlfriend ordered 50 cupcakes (mix of butter and chocolate flavours). This was my first ever order for Halloween and I was pretty excited. But I was terribly busy so my wonderful assistant stepped in and did the most fantastic job! He made the eyeballs, weapons (his passion), tombstones and spiders!

Angry Birds Cupcakes

This design was given to me by my client who came all the way from Serdang to collect them!

This client wanted 36pc cupcakes and due to budget I suggested 2-D angry birds which turned out very nice. In fact I think they're cuter than the 3-D birds. She later stretched her budget and asked me to change eight pieces to 3-D figures.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cookie Dozer

Of late, my son, Russell, plays only one game on my iPod touch, Cookie Dozer. For his 21st birthday I surprised him with a Cookie Dozer cake. I accidentally told him it was an iPod touch game and surprisingly he thought it was Plants vs Zombie which he hasn't played in a long time. He was very surprised and happy to see the cake especially when he'd expected something else! Yay!

Notice one cookie missing? Little Miss Erin, my littlest niece, couldn't help herself and helped herself!