Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Engagement Cake

Another regular client of mine ordered an engagement cake for his sister-in-law. The problem I faced was that he and his wife had different ideas for the cake...and they didn't know it! All he told me was "3kg, two hearts". A couple of days after later his wife called me and told me it was a blue and beige theme. She wanted a beige cake with blue design but I suggested a blue cake with beige design ;)  The day before collection he called me up and told me to make sure the cake was colourful!!! Pengsan! 
 But we sorted it out  :D

I would like to thank two people who helped me with the cake, my son Jack, and my sister "M". 
Thanks, guys, for your much appreciated help! xxxx

Breaking the Rules!

My client has inspired me to make coloured cakes with white designs and wordings. I've always had this concept that people, in general, are superstitious about white wordings. And some people don't like their cakes simple. But I think simple can be quite sweet.

More Cupcakes

These were orders for a housewarming party, one box chocolate cupcakes and one box butter cupcakes.

 Double Celebration!
A teenager called me up to order cupcakes for mother's day AND her mother's birthday...how sweet! She wanted 16 cupcakes, blue theme (her mom's favourite colour), for her mom's birthday and 25 cupcakes for mother's day. Couldn't fit "MOTHER'S" in so I suggest "MAMA'S" instead. This is how they turned out :)
She's also the first person to rent a cupcake stand from me. Will post details of rental soon!

simple, but elegant

I've had a faithful client since March this year. She doesn't like complicated or even simple designs. She likes her cakes a colour of her choice with white wordings. They actually turned out looking quite elegant (my opinion).

Sunday, May 23, 2010


My goodness!  I've had these pictures on draft since CNY!!!  Didn't have time to look through them and by the time I had the time I'd forgotten all about it!  Pictures were taken by a friend...so pro!  You don't have to wait till CNY to order the cookies.  You can order them anytime but the minimum is 2 bottles.

Surreal Cereal

Choc-a-Chip Kisses

Cornflake Crunch

Hazelnut Moments

Honey Joys

Oat Biscotto

Coffee Cravings