Tuesday, June 28, 2011

May Birthdays

You'll see something different every year for Markizah. Same orange butter cake but different design  :)

This client ordered a 1kg butter cake (3) and a 1kg moist chocolate cake (9) for his wife's birthday. Quite creative, don't you think? I like his choice of colours for the numbers. They go very well with the toppings.

I was very busy this particular weekend and only managed to make a 6" moist chocolate cake for my son's girlfriend. I'd planned a particular design for her but "NO time" so this was my very last minute design. Worst thing was she was around and walked up and down while I was decorating it. Luckily she thought it was for one of my clients! So glad everyone thought it was pretty and cute!

Character Cupcakes


Buzz Lightyear
I was working on Buzz's face for the longest time and Jack came to the rescue and helped me make the "TOY Story" logo. Thanks, Jack! You're a life-saver! xxx

Father's day

This cake was for a good friend and regular customer's father. He asked for something gaudy, something Indian, but I just couldn't do it! Yes, he did ask for a heart  :)


This client's daughter had a dance workshop at her birthday party and wanted belly dancers and hip hop dancers on her birthday cake. This was a last minute change from a Barbie-like cake so I didn't have enough time to make more than one dancer for each category. I'm glad to say she loved it anyway. :)