Monday, May 30, 2011


After making the Hello Kitty cakes, I laughed and wondered if anyone would order a Doraemon cake. Lo and behold, the same client who ordered the Hello Kitty ordered a Doraemon on her friend's behalf! Oh, she's a very detailed person and wanted the outline on the face a little more prominent. She also went shopping for his "fan/propeller" and bell. Don't think it would be easy to find a large yellow bell so I made one. Thanks, Melissa, for your support and recommendation  :)

Mickey Mouse

This client called me on 26th to order a 3-D Mickey or Minnie mouse cake for her daughter's 2nd birthday celebration on the 28th! I was already up to my eyebrows with orders for that weekend! Told her I might be only able to make a 2-D fully buttercream design. But as usual, I'm too soft-hearted and imagined a loving mum wanting to give her darling daughter a cake that would make her really happy! Sleepless nights again... But thanks to my assistant/consultant, Jack, who made Mickey we managed to give her what she wanted. Best of all little Zahra loved the cake and finished a whole big slice!  :D


This client's son must want an "real" omnitrix real bad! She ordered 25 chocolate cupcakes and a 1.5kg chocolate cake, both with omnitrix design, and the latter for the next week (double celebration!).  I suggested image printing for the cupcakes but she preferred hand-made with sugarpaste. I thought "drat" but little did I realize it was double "drat"! It took me 3 late nights to complete this! Never underestimate a design by it's look! Looks simple, doesn't it? Lots of cutting, fine rolling, and sticking, and I'm very fussy about detail! What made it all worth while was that my client not only loved the design but also the taste! She texted me to tell me even her mother who isn't a cake lover liked it! Wow!
It really helps when my clients tell me what they want, preferably with images, and then we can discuss what I can deliver. It is quite worrying, at least for me, to think that I made something I like but my client might not appreciate. This client not only told but showed me exactly what she wanted! Thanks, Mazatul! :)


I did wonder when someone would order a Barney cake from me. He seems to be a very popular TV character. Finally the day came when my sister's friend ordered a Barney cake for his son's first birthday. The cake was covered in buttercream and not wanting to mess Barney I placed him on a piece of fondant, and I didn't attach him to the cake so that he could be kept as a souvenir. Sad thing, he fell off the cake while being transported home, but luckily towards the back so "Happy Birthday, Jayden" was still intact! Phew! Good news is Jayden was very excited when he saw the cake :)

And More Angry Birds!

A college student found my angry birds! A friend's birthday was around the corner. She loves the angry birds and what better way than to surprise her with an angry birds cake!

The angry birds are taking over the world! This client's 9-year old son loves the game and she wanted to surprise him with an angry birds cake. Searched the web and found me :)  She's Moslem and didn't want to offend any family members so though she would have liked a pig she decided against it and asked for 3 birds. I have a Moslem friend who's daughter said she wants an angry birds cake for her birthday and she wants to eat the pig because it is halal! lol